Never Trust a Stranger (2015) Full Movie

Never Trust a Stranger
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Watch Never Trust a Stranger (2015) : Full Movie Online Nam, 22, fled to Saigon for a murder. In one accident, Nam reached the sights of Huy, 25, a mysterious character completely unknown. Knowing Nam need money to survive, so Huy promised Nam that he will pay 200 million in exchange for he can own Nam for 20 hours. And Nam has to do everything except things that are illegal. Nam were secretly sent back to the mysterious mansion of Huy, and from here Nam has to face the dangerous game and this guy's craziness. In this house, Nam is not alone like Huy told him before, but also with one young girl was stabbed to death and 1 grave. And when Nam want to escape the ghost house, only to discover Huy also stabbed to death. The killer is somewhere in the house? Who is she? Huy's relationship with the girl like? Can Nam safely escape with 200 million or not?

Title Never Trust a Stranger
Release Date Oct 22, 2015
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries
Casts Minh Hang, Vinh Khoa Ho
Plot Keywords gay,
Minh Hang
Vinh Khoa Ho
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